Heavy Duty is in our DNA

Big Bubba's Gooseneck Trailers

Brand New Big Bubba’s Gooseneck Flatbed Trailers. They’re great for all of your heavy equipment needs such as hauling backhoes, trackhoes, skid steers, excavators, mini excavators, etc. plus hauling all of the many materials you need for the job site. They also work great for moose buggies, jeeps, and other off-road vehicles that are known to be roaming Alaska’s vast wilderness.

Rock Solid Design

Each Big Bubba’s Gooseneck is built on a single piece of 12” 19 lb. I-beam, 6×2” tubing frame around perimeter, critical frame reinforcements that connect the frame to the I-beam, 3” tube cross members on 16” centers, inside I-beam cross members, 6” torque tube with welded reinforcements (on select models), and a 12” 19 lb. I-beam neck and riser. As you can see, heavy duty is in our DNA.



  • 12″ 19 lb. I-beam main frame, riser and neck
  • 2×6″ tubing outer deck frame
  • 3″ tubing crossmembers – 16″ o/c
  • 6″ torque tube on models 32′ and up
  • 8′ 6″ wide deck
  • Dual 10,000 lb. spring-loaded drop-leg jacks
  • Adjustable square coupler w/ 2 5/16” gooseneck ball
  • 5′ beavertail
  • 5′ spring-assisted flip-over ramps w/ pop-up center
  • Diamond plate locking front toolbox
  • Dual side bed steps w/ handles
  • Stake pockets (minimum of 18 per side; 36 total)
  • Rub rails
  • Rubber mounted lights (minimum of 11 marker; 4 stop/turn/tail)
  • 7-way RV plug
  • Arctic wiring rated for -60° F
  • Protected wiring (ran through conduit and/or tube frame)
  • Multi-leaf spring axle w/ slipper spring suspension
  • Electric trailer brakes
  • 14,000 & 21,000 lbs. GVWR – EZ lube hubs w/ grease zerk fittings
  • 24,000 & 25,900 lbs. GVWR – Oil bath hubs
  • Safety chains
  • Reflective tape
  • Breakaway system w/ battery + switch
  • Radial tires on all models
  • Spare tire mount
  • Powder coat finish – gloss black
  • 2×8″ wood decking (stained and sealed)
  • 1-yr/5-yr True Alaska Warranty
  • Available in 14,000, 21,000, 24,000 and 25,900 lbs. GVWR
TANDEM AXLE | 14,000 lbs. GVWR
Big Bubba's8.5X20+5GN2708.5x25'14,000 lbs.(2) 7,000 lbs.TBATBA$8,395Special Order
Big Bubba's8.5X22+5GN2708.5x27'14,000 lbs.(2) 7,000 lbs.TBATBA$8,695Special Order
Big Bubba's8.5X25+5GN2708.5x30'14,000 lbs.(2) 7,000 lbs.TBATBA$8,995Special Order
Big Bubba's8.5X20+5GN2108.5x25'24,000 lbs.(2) 10,000 lbs.6,600 lbs.17,400 lbs.$10,495Special Order
Big Bubba's8.5X22+5GN2108.5x27'24,000 lbs.(2) 10,000 lbs.6,800 lbs.17,200 lbs.$10,895Out of Stock
Big Bubba's8.5X25+5GN2108.5x30'24,000 lbs.(2) 10,000 lbs.7,100 lbs.16,900 lbs.$11,295Out of Stock
Big Bubba's8.5X27+5GN2108.5x32'24,000 lbs.(2) 10,000 lbs.7,300 lbs.16,700 lbs.$11,695Out of Stock
Big Bubba's8.5X30+5GN2108.5x35'24,000 lbs.(2) 10,000 lbs.7,600 lbs.16,400 lbs.$12,095Out of Stock
Big Bubba's8.5X32+5GN2108.5x37'24,000 lbs.(2) 10,000 lbs.7,800 lbs.16,200 lbs.$12,495Out of Stock
Big Bubba's8.5X35+5GN2108.5x40'24,000 lbs.(2) 10,000 lbs.8,100 lbs.15,900 lbs.$12,895Out of Stock
Big Bubba's8.5X27+5GN2128.5x35'25,900 lbs.(2) 12,000 lbs.7,600 lbs.18,300 lbs.$12,895Out of Stock
Big Bubba's8.5X30+5GN2128.5x35'25,900 lbs.(2) 12,000 lbs.7,600 lbs.18,300 lbs.$13,295Out of Stock
Big Bubba's8.5X32+5GN2128.5x37'25,900 lbs.(2) 12,000 lbs.7,800 lbs.18,100 lbs.$13,695Special Order
Big Bubba's8.5X35+5GN2128.5x40'25,900 lbs.(2) 12,000 lbs.8,100 lbs.17,800 lbs.$14,095Special Order
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Don’t see the right size trailer? Trailer out of stock?

Call and special order your new trailer today at no additional cost and pick it up in Alaska roughly 4-8 weeks after the order date.

  1. 8.5×20+5 means the trailer deck is 25’ overall; 8.5×27+5 means the trailer deck is 32’ overall; etc.
  2. All Gooseneck prices are cash/check prices; a 3% credit card fee will be applied if paying with a debit or credit card.
  3. The above prices are base model prices. Trailers in stock may vary in price if one is equipped with upgrades such as a top deck, etc.
  4. Arrival dates can change at any time without notice. Rule of thumb is to allow +/- 5 days.
  5. Trailers with (2) 10,000 lb. axles (24,000 lbs. GVWR) can be upgraded in Alaska to (2) 12,000 lb. axles (25,900 lbs. GVWR). We stock both 10 & 12,000 lb. axles.
  6. The above trailers are what we normally stock. Every size can be customized to your liking via special order i.e. upgraded axles, top deck, electric over hydraulic disk brakes, no beavertail, etc. We can build up to a 53′ gooseneck trailer. Please call for details.
  7. All weights are approximate. Refer to the Tire and Loading Information sticker on the trailer for exact details.


Make it a one stop shop!

We offer DMV Services

Enjoy your new trailer…we’ll take care of the paperwork. Options include permanent registration that never expires. Ask for details.

alaska-license-plate -wild

Discounts & Payment Options


Discounts are determined by the trailer sale price, not the total amount due after accessories, add-ons or upgrades.

Discounts can be combined and are in addition to any sale price unless otherwise stated.


  • $1 – $999 = N/A
  • $1,000 – $1,999 = $25 discount
  • $2,000 – $2,999 = $50 discount
  • $3,000 – $3,999 = $75 discount
  • $4,000 – $4,999 = $100 discount
  • $5,000 – $5,999 = $125 discount
  • $6,000 – $6,999 = $150 discount
  • $7,000 and above = N/A

Note: Cash means green dollar bills; checks and debit cards do not apply.


  • $1 – $4,999 = $100 discount
  • $5,000 – $6,999 = $125 discount
  • $7,000 – $8,999 = $150 discount
  • $9,000 and above = $175 discount

Note: Military discounts are for active and retired military; valid ID required.

We accept cash, check, VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit and debit cards. We do not charge credit card processing fees on trailers $7,000 or less, so come and rack up those reward points. However, we love CASH; therefore, we do offer CASH DISCOUNTS. See the Discounts tab for more information.

We accept personal, business and certified checks with a valid ID. Please note, we will not release the Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO) until the check clears which is roughly 5-7 business days.

If paying with a credit card on purchases higher than $7,000, 3% of the trailer sale price will be applied to the trailer price only, not the total amount due after accessories, add-ons or upgrades.

No doc fees, no hidden fees, no taxes…
Note: Big Bubba’s is outside of city boundaries and out of the tax zone.

Upgrades & Add-ons

Our most popular upgrades /add-ons.

  • Spare Tire and Rim: Starting at $160 each
  • Upgrade Tire Ply Rating: Starting at $40 per tire
  • Upgrade to LED Lights: $200
  • Upgraded axles done at MFG (25,900 lbs. GVWR): $1200
  • Upgraded axles done in Alaska (25,900 lbs. GVWR): $1500
  • Electric over Hydraulic Disc Brakes: $2500
  • Top Deck (varies by model): $800
  • Custom D-rings (weld-on): Starting at $25 each
  • Custom D-rings (recessed): $50 each

NOTE: All prices include installation unless otherwise noted


Special design or custom work: Call for quote



8.5X20+5GN270(2) 7,000 lb.34' 9"8' 6"TBATBAST235/80R16 | 10-ply
8.5X22+5GN270(2) 7,000 lb.36' 9"8' 6"TBATBAST235/80R16 | 10-ply
8.5X25+5GN270(2) 7,000 lb.39' 6"8' 6"TBATBAST235/80R16 | 10-ply
8.5X20+5GN210(2) 10,000 lb.34' 9"8' 6"6' 5"37"ST235/80R16 | 10-ply
8.5X22+5GN210(2) 10,000 lb.36' 9"8' 6"6' 5"37"ST235/80R16 | 10-ply
8.5X25+5GN210(2) 10,000 lb.39' 9"8' 6"6' 5"37"ST235/80R16 | 10-ply
8.5X27+5GN210(2) 10,000 lb.41' 9"8' 6"6' 5"37"ST235/80R16 | 10-ply
8.5X30+5GN210(2) 10,000 lb.44' 9"8' 6"6' 5"37"ST235/80R16 | 10-ply
8.5X32+5GN210(2) 10,000 lb.46' 9"8' 6"6' 5"37"ST235/80R16 | 10-ply
8.5X35+5GN210(2) 10,000 lb.49' 9"8' 6"6' 5"37"ST235/80R16 | 10-ply
8.5X27+5GN212(2) 12,000 lb.41' 9"8' 6"6' 5"37"ST235/80R16 | 10-ply
8.5X30+5GN212(2) 12,000 lb.44' 9"8' 6"6' 5"37"ST235/80R16 | 10-ply
8.5X32+5GN212(2) 12,000 lb.46' 9"8' 6"6' 5"37"ST235/80R16 | 10-ply
8.5X35+5GN212(2) 12,000 lb.49' 9"8' 6"6' 5"37"ST235/80R16 | 10-ply
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NOTE: All measurements are approximate.


Big Bubba’s Trailer and Auto Sales Alaska offers what we refer to as Big Bubba’s True Alaska Warranty. Each Big Bubba’s trailer comes standard with a one year limited warranty and a five year structure warranty. Furthermore, the warranty is valid in Alaska and one does not need to drive or ship their trailer to an out-of-state repair facility for repair. That is why we’ve named it the True Alaska Warranty.

For full details about the warranty, click here or visit www.bigbubbasalaska.com/warranty.


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