Trailer Appraisals

Trailer Appraisals

Free trailer appraisals because they should always be free

A little after a year of being in business, we had a young, single mother call us one day asking about a trailer appraisal and it’s associated cost. It was the first time that I had personally been asked about doing one so I didn’t think anything of it and told her that we would do one at no charge.

Please note that I’d never heard of any dealer charging to do an appraisal in all my years so I thought that was the industry standard, apparently not in Alaska.

While still on the phone, she began to cry and thank us for our hospitality. She then explained that she had recently moved to the state after going through a divorce, with little to her name, and was trying to get a trailer registered for which she lost the title to before moving to Alaska. Furthermore, no one would help her out for less than $150.

I personally remember saying to myself, that is highway robbery. For something that takes less than 10 minutes, that’s outrageous.

From that point on, we decided to offer free trailer appraisals as a service for our local Alaskans.

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